Dog Training & Behavior Consulting ~ Boston, Greater Boston & Eastern MA

The Cooperative Dog is me, Vera Wilkinson. I look forward to helping you with your puppy or dog in one of my classes in Brookline, Wellesley or Revere or in a private lesson in your home anywhere in Boston and Greater Boston. If you’re having behavior issues, I will travel to see you in your home anywhere in Eastern Massachusetts. In some cases, the time we spend together can be much more productive with you coming to see me in Brookline.


My Mission is to help people and dogs to enjoy one another all the days of their lives.


My Philosophy: I believe dogs are cooperative by nature and having a well-adjusted, well-behaved dog is about relationship NOT leadership. Dogs become willing partners in the process of learning how to live with people when people understand how dogs communicate and learn.


My Methods: My methods reflect the reasons why I choose to share my life with dogs. I know many methods of training and am easily able to adjust my teaching to the individual needs of both dogs and people.  Training a dog (or any animal)  is about establishing a communication system across species lines. Marker training does just that by using a clicker and/or  the word “Yes” (verbal marker) to highlight the precise moment a dog does particular behavior. I subscribe to both the Least-Intrusive-Minimally-Aversive and Humane Hierarchy models used by progressive thinking dog training professionals around the world.


Regardless of whether you have a new puppy, older untrained dog, rescue dog or a dog with serious behavior problems, I can help you with your dog. Please contact me today.



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“Thanks for giving us our dog back!”
~ ‘Roxy’, Deborah & Eduardo


“Hi Vera! I’m writing to express thanks to you for helping us with Dodger. As you know, we were ready to give up on the not-so-little guy. You really taught us a lot in just three sessions – well, you gave us help before you came to our home so it wasn’t ‘just’ three lessons! We’re still amazed at your generosity but realized that you do what you do because you love dogs so much. Anyway, we just wanted you to know that you’re in our thoughts… we have a running WWVD?! that applies to more than dealing with the quirky Dodger boy! Happy 2015!
~ Ann and Phil

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