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Welcome to The Cooperative Dog

The Cooperative Dog is me, Vera Wilkinson CDBC, CPDT, KPA CTP. I am passionate about helping you to bring out the very best in your puppy or dog.  Regardless of whether you have a puppy in need of socialization, are looking for basic to  advanced training or have a dog with serious behavior problems, the dog training and behavior consulting help you need is here.

I will teach you not just how to train your dog but to understand your dog’s behavior and world view. You will learn why your dog does or does not do what you ask and know exactly what to do about it using proven, positive reinforcement dog training methods.

Your dog will become a willing partner as a result of your understanding of how dogs learn and communicate.

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Serious behavior issues are my specialty. Get the help you and your dog need to move on to enjoy your lives together. I am a veterinarian recommended  ‘do no harm’ certified dog behavior consultant and certified professional dog trainer.

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Group Classes

Looking for a group class? From puppy foundation to off-leash, rowdy rovers, nose work and more! Positive reinforcement training for fast, fun and lasting results! Proactive training & socialization with real world distractions built in.

Upcoming Classes in Brookline

Puppy Foundation Sundays, Sept 7 – Oct 12 9-10am

Puppy Foundation Sundays, Oct 12 – Nov 9 10-11am

Adolescent Dog Sundays, Oct 12 – Nov 9 11-12pm

Good Dog Sundays, Oct 12 – Nov 9 12-1pm

Upcoming Classes in Revere

Basic Obedience Wednesdays, Sept 10 – Oct 15 6:30-7:30pm

Intermediate Obedience Wednesdays, Sept 10 – Oct 15 7:30 – 8:30pm

Upcoming Classes in Wellesley

Puppy Kindergarten Mondays, Sept 22 – Oct 27 7-8pm

Basic Obedience Mondays, Sept 22 – Oct 27 8-9pm

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Private Lessons

Prefer a one-on-one session? You will get a customized training plan to help you meet your goals in training your dog. Private and semi-private  lessons are available in single sessions as well as multiple session packages.

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To build truly deep bonds with dogs, we must understand dogs as dogs. Come learn all about dogs, dog training, dog behavior, how dogs learn and communicate. I offer seminars to help with a specific behavior problems to cut down on costs to you.

Upcoming Seminars

Reactive Dog Seminar Sunday, Sept 30 5:00-6:30pm

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The Cooperative Dog



All private lessons & behavior consultations by appointment only.

2011 Best of Boston

‘After suffering through trainers who merely barked advice (our ears are still ringing), we were overjoyed to discover owner Vera Wilkinson’s quiet expertise. Certified both as a dog behavior consultant and a professional dog trainer– and armed with more than a decade of experience–Wilkinson begins by watching you interact with Fido at home. Only then does she offer suggestions. She takes her time and you and your dog will end up the better for it.’ ~Awarded 2011 Best of Boston 'Best Dog Trainer' by Boston magazine