Take  just  one  class  to  jumpstart  your  puppy  or  dog’s  training  OR  a  make  it  a  program  with  series  of  classes  to prevent  problems  before  they  start.

Group  classes   meet  for  one  hour  once  weekly  at  the  same  time  and  on  the  same  day  of  the  week  for  three,  four  or  six consecutive  weeks.  A  group  class  typically  has  three  to  five  students  and  never  has  more  than  eight  handler-dog  teams learning  side  by  side.   Puppy foundation and family dog classes  are  held  year  round  on  Sunday  mornings  in  Brookline and  seasonally  on  Monday evenings  in  Wellesley. Each of my trio of Dog Training Tuneups, aka DIY bootcamps, begin inside on Sundays and then move outside on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. My Rowdy Rovers classes take place Saturday mornings in a variety of outdoor locations  around  Boston  as  season  and weather  permit. 


While  puppies  and  people  can  learn  a  great  deal  in  puppy  kindergarten,  it  is  rare  that  one  class  will  set  dogs  and  people up  for  success for a  lifetime.  I  added  the  ‘make  it  a  program’  option  because  many people  take  just  one  puppy  or dog class  thinking  it’s  all they  need.  Training  is  the  single  most  important  ‘to  do’  in  preventing  behavior  problems  from  developing  later.

Group  classes  are  cost  effective  compared  to  private  lessons  and  provide  the  opportunity  for  both  socialization  and  training through  distractions  not  always  available  during  private  lessons.  A  program  provides  both  people  and  dogs  with  a  complete education  as  puppies  and young dogs move  through  developmental  stages  on  the  way  to  becoming  adult  dogs.  Classes  take  place  indoors in the early learning  phases  and  then  move  outside  to  the  real  world  to  apply  training  whether  on  the  street  or  trails;  at  vet  clinics  or pet stores; at daycare  or  local  dog  parks  or  in  your  neighborhood.

Class Locations




No Bones About It, a dog daycare, grooming and retail business located at 1786 Beacon  Street in Brookline, is my home base. I’ve taught classes here for nearly 15 years and have taken advantage  of the wonderful opportunity that this location offers for both indoor and outdoor  training. All parking is free on Sundays.



Puppy Foundation 1 & 2  and Family Dog 1 & 2 classes take place here only on Sundays, morning through midday. Occasional special events and dog behavior education seminars are held in the evenings. Pre-Registration and Proof of Vaccinations is required.






The Wellesley Recreation Department sponsors low cost puppy and dog training classes for residents and non-residents. Classes are held in the gymnasium on the second floor at the Warren Building at 90 Washington Street (Route 16) Wellesley, MA 02482.  All parking is free.

Puppy Kindergarten, Dog Obedience 1 and Dog Obedience 2 always meet on Monday evenings.  Classes are generally small and never more than eight handler/dog teams.  Pre-Registration and Proof of Vaccinations is required.