Reactive Dog Seminar

This is an interactive for-people-only (please leave your dog at home) educational session for owners of dogs that bark, growl, lunge, snap, bite and/or fight with other dogs while on or off the leash.


This seminar also serves as the Orientation to and is a prerequisite to joining my Rowdy Rovers classes which are the mainstay of my Reactive Dog Program. In this seminar, we will briefly discuss details about each dog’s behavior so that I can ascertain whether your dog is a candidate for attending classes or will be better served in private lessons first. I will provide in depth information on the process I have used for nearly 15 years in outdoor classes with reactive dogs. You will come away with training tips to get you started and strategies for dealing with situations encountered in daily life.


What Is The Format and What Will Be Covered? This seminar is an interactive educational session with Q & A opportunities throughout the session. It will be both lecture and how-to demonstrations with a demo dog.


Who Should Attend? The owner or foster of the dog must attend along with anyone else who lives with and takes the dog out on walks. Consistency in how the dog is handled is critical to the behavior modification process.


When and Where?
We meet at No Bones About It at 1786 Beacon Street Brookline, MA. This seminar is offered on a Sunday once monthly. Pre-registration and a minimum of 4 participants is required to hold the seminar. To register, use the Paypal link below or email to let me know that you will be bringing cash or a check endorsed to The Cooperative Dog.

Next Seminar:

When –- Sunday,  January 28, 2018 5:30-7:00 pm


Where — No Bones About It is located at 1786 Beacon Street in Brookline 


Fee $75 (per dog)