Foundation Seminar –
Mutual Trust & Understanding

Fee $75

It’s not just how we train dogs, it’s also what we know about dogs and how we live with them. You’ll learn both how to read your dog’s body language and gain insight into what you’re saying and how you can communicate better with your own body language. We’ll look at how dogs learn so you can understand why your dog does not ‘listen’ to you. You’ll come away with insight and awareness of how to interact differently with your dog throughout the day. You will understand your dog’s perspective more clearly and come away with concrete steps for improving things between you and others. Perhaps most importantly, you will learn how training your dog in a step by step, no steps skipped thorough manner is the key to both preventing and resolving common and serious dog behavior problems.

The Family Dog Foundation Seminar is a 1.5 hour for-people-only educational seminar that also serves as the Orientation to my Family Dog class series. During this leave your dog at home session, you will get the information you need to get started in training your dog and get feedback and tips to address the problem behaviors you’re experiencing. This seminar is perfect for people who do not yet have their dog – you will reap tremendous value in attending before you get your dog. If your dog cannot be left at home alone, contact me to discuss and make a plan – your dog might be my demo dog.

What Is The Format and What Will Be Covered?
This seminar is an interactive educational session with Q & A opportunities throughout the session. It will not be a lecture but you will probably want to take notes. I believe the saying, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ applies especially to dog training. For this reason, I will have a demo dog along and occasionally, my trained adult deaf dog.  I will cover the following topics: (1) dog body language, (2) how dogs communicate and learn and (3) answer any questions you may have regarding specific behavioral concerns.


Who Should Attend?
Anyone thinking about getting their first dog or anyone currently struggling in one or more areas with a dog will benefit from coming to this seminar. You need not be a first time dog owner either. In fact, many folks who have had one or more dogs have forgotten what they did with the last puppy to turn him or her into a well-behaved adult dog OR need to come in order to get the info up front to prevent having another behaviorally ‘messy’ dog.


For dogs under 5 months of age, check out my Puppy Head Start Seminar.

For dogs that are reacting badly to other dogs on leash, check out my Reactive Dog Seminar.

When and Where?
We meet at No Bones About It at 1786 Beacon Street in Brookline.  Pre-registration and a minimum of 4 participants is required to hold the seminar.


Fee $75


Sunday,  Feb 4, 2018  7:30-9:00pm