Friday, 19th December 2014.

From my perspective, training a deaf dog isn’t all that different than training a hearing dog.    A variety of positive reinforcement dog training methods are easily used in training deaf dogs.   Lure-reward techniques are often used to prompt dogs to sit, stand, lie down, and even walk at your side on leash or off.   Modern dog trainers understand how to [...]

Posted on Monday, 12th March 2012

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The APDT- Association of Pet  Dog Trainers – has declared January as their Train Your Dog Month.  As a longtime professional member of APDT, I decided to add some new dog training classes in my January line-up.  These classes are held at No Bones About It in Brookline MA 02445– Small Dog O – a dog training class [...]

Posted on Saturday, 31st December 2011

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Coming When Called,  aka  THE  RECALL,  is the most challenging of all dog training concepts.  Let’s face it, we keep dogs on leash and in crates and otherwise without the freedom to do as they please almost 24/7.   The exhilaration of being off leash while outdoors,  for most dogs,  lasts but a few minutes per day  [...]

Posted on Wednesday, 30th March 2011

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If it is your habit to take your dog’s collar off as soon as you get home,  you might reconsider doing so even if your dog does have long hair that mats easily. I’ve told clients to do this simple thing many many times over the years and almost always hear them say, “Wow, that makes sense, I [...]

Posted on Tuesday, 29th March 2011

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That is, instead of sending your dog away to a kennel to be trained.  [You might want to catch up by reading,  'Should you send your dog away to be trained?' .]  For most all of the 15 years I’ve been in the dog training business, I have trained other people’s dogs for them, in and from their [...]

Posted on Saturday, 25th December 2010

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Introducing, The Kids and Dogs Project!  It’s time has come.  All are welcome to join us for several educational sessions. For the particulars on this new venture, please sign up for my newsletter … It’s late-summer and the news pieces across the country on dogs attacks have been nearly as relentless as the searing heat.  Several studies [...]

Posted on Thursday, 12th August 2010

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